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Giving To Thrive

Why is Giving Important?

To answer this question, let us explain why Thrive Living is important…

Why is Thrive Living Necessary?

In Ohio in 2015, there were >360,000 adults aged 19+ with developmental disabilities. This number has undoubtedly increased with the rise in Autism rates. Only 55% of adults with I/DD (intellectual or developmental disabilities) felt that they had a choice about where they lived or who they lived with. This is unacceptable! These adults should have their choice of where they live, how they live, and who they interact with. Due to physical or cognitive disabilities and other barriers such as employment, transportation and communication difficulties, their choices are extremely limited. Thrive was founded to change this. Thrive believes that adults can be supported in ways that allow them to have privacy and independence while also having the structure and support they need to optimize their quality of life, safety, and most importantly, a sense of pride in having their own home.

Why is a Specialized Housing Model Necessary?

We believe that a community setting with a well-trained and supported staff will reduce social isolation, lack of physical activity, lack of attention to routine preventive medical care needs, and vulnerability to being a victim of criminal activity. Literature suggests that adults with I/DD are under-employed with only 17% employed >30 hours/week. Additionally, physical inactivity which contributes to obesity, hypertension, and diabetes is higher among this group, as is social isolation. This is due in part to lack of transportation and also to an aging caregiver population,  many of whom may have their own health and employment concerns. Emergency room visits are higher among those people with I/DD due to lack of routine preventive care. Lastly, there is a disturbingly higher rate of criminal victimhood against people with I/DD.

What Makes Thrive Living Unique?

Thrive’s model is supported living for individuals with disabilities who need intermittent prompting or minimal assistance to safely live their lives. We will provide a structured and nurturing environment, coaching on personal development goals, and minimal assistance to facilitate our residents’ independence. Last and most importantly, we hope to have lots of fun, develop wonderful relationships, and make special memories!

There simply are not enough homes of this type to serve the growing population of young adults with mild to moderate I/DD. While there are homes for those with higher level needs (ICF for example), group homes that serve up to 4 individuals, and apartment homes for those with very minimal needs, we feel Thrive will serve a niche market for young adults with mild to moderate I/DD that is not currently being served–the privacy and permanence of your own home in a supportive, wellness-focused community. Waiting lists for the few homes that serve this population are >100 people long! Similar homes in other states have filled up within months of opening.

Capital Campaign:

Fall of 2023. Our goal will be to secure enough funds to cover the upfront costs of hiring an executive director and residential manager, securing an accessible vehicle, and miscellaneous start-up costs.